Book One Available Spring 2021

Come meet the people of Grant Lake, Colorado. Fall in love with them as they find a home, learn love is often nothing like you expected, discover secrets hidden, and solve a murder...or two. 

Book One, A Journey Begun (working title) follows Diann and her son Ducky, as they flee western Pennsylvania. Not only do they find refuge in Grant Lake but begin a new life, this time full of unexpected love.

Book Two, A Journey Reimagined (working title) follows Sarah as her life takes several unexpected turns. A medical crisis and someone from her past cause Sarah to re-imagines what her life could become.

Book Three, A Journey Unforeseen (working title) follows Ianto Gwilt on his journey to find the half-brother he never met. A reunion with unforeseen consequences. 

Book Four, A Journey Ended (working title) follows Detective Buttercup (Bette) Bryne as she closes in on a pair of Serial Killers. With the help of an FBI Profiler, Byren races against the clock and her heart to save a friend.


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