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O'Connor Sisters Trilogy

The O'Connor Sisters Trilogy follows three sisters as their lives are turned upside down when Catálan O’Connor witnesses a drug lord murder one of his minions. Catálan O’Connor, her identical twin Esperanza O’Connor as well as their younger half-sister Olli Rose O'Connor Bergstrom are all accomplished in their respective professions. However, the twins have a face that is recognized around the world. How will the FBI hide these three women?

In Love Behind the Lies, Catálan Orlando Teresa O'Connor, AKA Cat Connors, is reunited with her first love, Haneul Palan Song. Now an FBI agent and going by Nathan Song, he is assigned to protect Cat from the drug cartel looking to keep her silent. Her heart may be in more danger.

In Love Behind the Mask, Esperanza Ricardo Maria O’Connor is whisked from her home in Naples Florida to central Minnesota where she falls under the protective custody of Kyle Moran. Heavily disguised, Esperanza and Kyle clash as Kyle struggles with his demons, while Esperanza struggles to keep from losing her heart.

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Finally, in Love Behind the Silence, Olli Rose O'Connor Bergstrom, a Deaf artist, begins her journey into protective custody in the middle of a shootout. Witnessing her uncle being shot, she is helpless as she is dragged into safety. Communicating only in American Sign Language, Olli Rose struggles with her situation, her lack of communication, a stalker, and an unexpected attraction on a Pacific Northwest Island. 

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